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Kitchens for Apartments & Retirement Villages

  • We have built quite a few new kitchens for apartments and retirement villiages around Auckland over the past few years. Ranging from 20 apartments to 200 apartments per project.
  • We have the capability to supply lower end entry level kitchens to economic apartments also high end kitchens to luxury apartments.
  • Apartment buyers can also talk to us directly if they willing to upgrade their kitchen from their default options.

Kitchens for New Houses

  • We have long term relationship with a lot builders and developers. We have great relationships with builders, whether they building 2 new houses a year or 15 houses a year.
  • We can supply the joinery package for the entire house. Package includes Kitchen, Scullery, Laundry, Kitchenette, Bar, Wardrobe and Vanity.
  • From entry level kitchen package to very high end designer house and life style house.

Kitchens for Old Houses

  • From full renovations to house extensions, or even a new minor dewelling. We can supply different kitchen packages as you need.
  • Different kitchen styles to suit your house and renovation style.