Kitchen Renovations Auckland

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, it’s time to talk to one our kitchen designers and plan your dream kitchen with  KMD Kitchens.  A kitchen is the heart of your home and whether your current kitchen design just doesn’t work for you or you are planning building renovations and want to build out your dream kitchen, KMD kitchens will work with you and your budgets.

Working Together with KMD Kitchens

KMD Kitchens will work with your builders, designers or architects to create you are truly wonderful kitchen and to suit your budget requirements.

Kitchen Renovations – Big and Small

Whether you need a small kitchen for your apartment, or a large kitchen in your Villa, right through to updating your dated 80’s kitchens, we can assist you with all your kitchen requirements.

Bring us your kitchen plans

Bring us your plans, we offer a free kitchen consultation and quotation service. Or if you are not that far ahead, call in for a coffee and have a look around we have experienced kitchen designers to help you through the
planning process.