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Planning A New Kitchen

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Planning a new kitchen?  Check out our handy checklist for helping you through the process.   


1. Kitchen Designs

Do you have a kitchen design style chosen, are you looking for ultra-modern or more classic or traditional kitchen style?  Perhaps you are wanting to look at an industrial look for a modern apartment?  Check out our kitchen designs online and see the different styles available.

2. Kitchen layout

Have you thought about your kitchen layout sometimes that is dictated by the space you have in your home.  Open plan, galley or sometime more traditional?

3. Kitchen cabinets/ Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Cabinets and storage is an important consideration for whatever kitchen style you are opting for. But what about the kitchen appliances.  Are you wanting to incorporate, a double oven, or room for a microwave, perhaps you want to incorporate a butler’s pantry for more kitchen storage.  If you are into entertaining perhaps you need a double fringe or a wine cooler.  Making a list of these at the start helps with the kitchen planning process.

4. Kitchen Budget

This is really dependant on you and the choices you make in terms of size, materials used and the look you’re a going after, but you can achieve a lot and get a high-end look with difference finishes and or materials used. Talk to one of our kitchen consultants.

5. Kitchen Showroom

Check out a kitchen showroom where there are lots of kitchens on display.  There is no point just seeing a single kitchen, check out a kitchen company that has a showroom where there is a wide range on display where you can really see the different kitchen styles you are after and the different kitchen finishes like benchtops or cabinets and the various options.

Here at KMD Kitchens, we have 2 very large kitchen showrooms and we are proud of the wide range on show to help you in your kitchen design process.  Call in and check out our showrooms today.